Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just Wondering

Last night we watched a show on exorcists on the National Geographic Channel. The ol' National Geographic crew is really branching out. A typical show from the National Geographic people would be something about orangutans or the destruction of tornados. Now they've moved on to demons.

One thing the show mentioned was that before mental illnesses were understood, people were often exorcised when symptoms show now that they were actually suffering a mental illness. One common thing thought to be demon possession was Tourette's syndrome.

You know, Tourette's, where the person has ticks that look like outbursts. The most common tick people think of is swearing. Other likely ticks are needing to clear the throat, bug out eyes, jump, or anything really.

I was wondering about the swearing tick. If someone has a swearing tick but they're too young to have really learned any profane language, do you think they say things like dum-dum head and purple hair?