Monday, January 10, 2005


Hubby and I watched the dark comedy Saved! this morning. The whole idea behind the movie is that being Christian alone doesn't automatically make you a good person, and that you can be a good person if you aren't a zealot Jesus fan.

So of course, I loved this movie. I hate when people profess themselves to be good, heaven-bound Christians, but bend the rules to follow their wants. You know those people, the ones who follow the easy rules and ignore/alter the ones that are a little hard or uncomfortable.

There is a scene where one PZ (previous zealot) girl is confronted by her zealot friends. The leader of the zealots get angry at the PZ girl and throws a bible at her. PZ girl responds to the Zealot Leader with, "This isn't a weapon."

What a wonderful proclamation! How many people use what they find in (read how they interpret) the bible as weaponry on those who are different? The bible isn't a weapon - I love that.