Thursday, November 25, 2004

Additional Thanks

I have something else to be thankful for today. I just realized that both Scream and Yell went potty when they were here yesterday, and both did so with 100% accuracy. Yahoo, no puddles to mop up.

Feeling Thankful Today

I am blessed to have so many good things in my life. Everyone should be jealous of me and want my life. I am thankful for so many wonderful things in my life, many of which are possible because of wonderful Hubby, so at the top of the list is being thankful for Hubby.

I am also thankful for :

  • a great son
  • cute dog
  • a life of comfort - enough money to pay the bills and even some left over for fun stuff
  • friends - old and new
  • being a housewife
  • family being near

Besides the typical, I am also thankful for:

  • such nice walk paths and parks so near by - especially the woodsy places
  • the library and all its free goodies to borrow - saves us thousands a year
  • having a choir carpool - Hallelujah!
  • Snakwell's chocolate chip cookies - so yummy it's hard not to eat the whole box in one sitting
  • others enlisting to defend our country so Hubby or I don't have to
  • smiling and laughing every day

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Crazy Pea Eater

I'm one of those weirdo healthy people that actually exercises regularly and actually eats fruits and vegetables. And I'm one of those anal-retentive weirdo healthy people that actually counts throughout the day to make sure I've eaten five servings of my fruits and vegetables. I'd much prefer to eat five candy bars and milkshakes a day, so it's a bit of a challenge.

So far I'm only at two. I've had a glass of orange juice and a bowl of applesauce. I'm usually at least to three by this time of day and get my last two with supper. Is it weird that when I first realized I was so far behind I thought to myself, "I'll just eat a can of peas"?

I love canned peas. No, really. I love canned peas. I've named myself the Crazy Pea Eater. Since we started eating healthier, we switched to frozen vegetables to cut down on the sodium, so it's been a couple years since I had canned peas. I'm totally making up for lost canned pea time.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Hunting Class

While a father was telling about taking his sons deer hunting recently, he also mentioned that he thought gun safety should be taught in schools. I suggested it could be a unit in gym class, just like archery already is.

Can you imagine how nuts some of the parents would be? It might be fun to suggest it to the school board just to give those tight-wad kind of parents a headache.

Who Would I Throw a Drink On?

Last night on the radio the two djs from KS95's drive-home show wondering if anybody was so mad at or so disliked someone that they'd throw a drink on them. I started thinking who I might throw a drink on.

I describe myself as a housewife with some piss and vinegar. Think June Cleaver with a potty mouth (though I try to keep these posts clean - Grandma does have internet). I can have a quick temper at times, so if caught in the wrong mood, I might throw a drink on anyone who pissed me off. But for the most part I behave. I can grin and bear it to the general public. Unfortunately I haven't mastered being so polite to my own family. Hubby and Son get the crabby lady, but I don't think I'd throw a drink on either of them.

There are a couple of guys who definitely deserve having a drink thrown on them. But I have to see them at Christmases, so it wouldn't be a wise thing to do.

I guess, after giving it some thought, there really isn't anyone who I would throw a drink on. I have a nasty enough mouth to retaliate with. (My husband recently told me I could be a juvenile corrections officer because I have a way of talking that would scare anyone into doing what they're supposed to...Son calls it the scary voice.)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Phew! (wipe brow)

For some reason the notion that my ninth wedding anniversary was coming got in my head while I was vacuuming just now. I want to do something special for my hubby and I thought I only had six weeks to figure it out. I just looked at a calendar and it turns out I've got more like seven weeks to figure it out. yahoo! Now to think of something really great...

Growing and growing and growing

Nearby there is a whole new town going up. Well, not really a whole new town, but just about. There's a new theater going up with 14 screens, a Culver's (yuck!), a Wal-Mart Super Store, 3 or 4 little strip malls, and Applebee's is on the way. The area has gotten so developed there's a new set of stop lights too.

Someone who knew the area but hasn't been there for a while would think they were lost if they passed through. They'd probably think, "Something about this place is familiar, but only the number on the highway because nothing else is the same."

New businesses don't just pop up for no reason. There have been, of course, lots of neighborhoods going up in the area too. And this town isn't the only one to be growing like crazy.

This all makes me wonder...are people reproducing so fast that the towns are growing like wildfire? Or are there little towns somewhere being sucked dry as everyone moves closer and closer to the metro area? What will these towns be like in 10 or fifteen years when the baby-boomers are reaching retirement age? Will all the restaurants close and instead bingo halls and denture places will open? Will the daycares change from caring for toddlers to caring for grandmas?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Interesting Link

I should be reading my assigned pages and poems for my online poetry class, but instead I'm surfing. I came across this site. With a name like "Drunk Men Work Here" I was already intrigued. Click the little blue dot and see where it takes you. It's just like hitting the "next blog" button - just another way to surf.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Good Morning

Q: What's a girl to do when she wakes up at 7 on a Sunday and her hubby is still sleeping (and probably will for hours longer)?

A: Surf the internet.

Friday, November 12, 2004


I have been blog-surfing and bent my neck down to stretch it out. The new position gave me a close-up of the keyboard and all the gunk in between and under the keys. Gross.

That reminds me... One day at the computer a few years back, a nasty black bug I had never seen before crawled out from under the keys and before I could grab a kleenex and kill it, it crawled back under the keys. I was too grossed out to use the keyboard for a couple of days, fearing the nasty bug would crawl out under my fingertips. Ew!

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Too bad chocolate chip cookies aren't good for you and aren't little secret pills for keeping your weight under control. If they were I'd be the healthiest, slimmest person around.

I sure can eat chocolate chip cookies. In fact, today I'm having a really hard time not eating them. It doesn't help at all that I make some really kick-ass cookies. Think Soft Batch brand cookies, but without the chemical, lab-created taste. And if I should eat so many that I get sick of them (doubt it), I can switch to my Grandma's recipe...another kick-ass version of the wonderful chocolate chip cookie, dry and crumbly - the perfect cookie for dunking in milk.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Carcass Season

It's a bit of an odd thing to be stopped at a red light and realize that the shape stuffed in the back end of the truck in front of you is a dead deer. 'Tis the season.

I saw a weird one today. Again, stopped at a red light, I saw that the trailor in front of me had a deer lying on it. But this deer had eight legs. The second deer was smaller and couldn't be seen unless you really looked for it, except for its legs sticking up in the air. It looked like one, eight-legged mutant deer.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Daycare Drop-off Blues

I feel sad for the working mothers of the world that have to leave their kids at daycare. I am a housewife now, but my son went to daycarea couple times a week when he was a baby until he was 2. Lucky for me, he loved to go. I didn't have to go through the guilt trip that kids typically put on their parents when they're being dropped off.

I just brought my nephews to their daycare for my sister. I've done this many times over the years, and rare is the time they go willingly. There usually is one who is sad to go. They've gone to 3 or 4 daycares over the years, and haven't liked a single one. One or both will get such a sad look on their little face when I tell them I'm taking them to daycare instead of my house.

It made me feel guilty to leave them there and I thought about just bringing them home with me. It must really break a mother's heart to do that every morning. I'm glad it isn't something I have to go through often.